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Why does my car A/C feel warm?

The best season to drive and enjoy with friends and family is the summer season. You feel like you have achieved your summer dreams when it's hot. However, the weather might be too hot when it's sunny, and you must put on your car A/C. If your A/C is blowing warm air, then that will be the beginning of a dull day. But why does your A/C blow warm air?

Failing compressor

A compressor is an essential component in your AC cooling system. It is responsible for pressurizing the refrigeration fluid throughout the system. Like in any other moving part in a machine, the compressor is vulnerable to tear and wear. A worn-out compressor will blow warm air and lead to engine overheating. If your AC blows warm air, contact your mechanic for a check-up.

Low or leaking refrigerant

Refrigerant is the fluid circulating through the cooling system and causes a cooling effect within your car as it expands and condenses. Since the fluid is an enclosed system, it cannot evaporate out of the system. However, if there is a leak somewhere, the system refrigerator might go low, and A/C fails to blow cool air. A leaking refrigerant is not something you can fix by yourself. You need the help of a car repair professional.

Corrupt Condenser

Another vital component in an AC cooling system is the condenser. It's the part in the system where the refrigerant's temperature is brought back to ambient. The refrigerant in gas form is condensed back into liquid to allow a continuous process in the system. A car repair expert can get this fixed and advise you more.

Faulty cooling Fan

A cooling fan is responsible for removing heat from the refrigerant fluid. If the heat from the refrigerant is not removed, your AC will blow warm air. Hire a car repair expert to check if the fan is damaged or if there is debris on the fan.

Do not allow the A/C in your car to spoil your summer. To prepare for a summer drive, check the temperature moving from the A/C. Call Autotrends in Greensboro, NC now for help if the temperature is warmer than needed.

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