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What Are the Benefits of Auto Window Tinting?

Window tinting isn't just a cool, fashionable add-on to get; tinting has tremendous benefits that extend beyond that. Darker windows have proven to be both protective and functional. Here are several of the main advantages of tinted car windows:

Security and Privacy

Vandalism and theft are more common crimes that sometimes escape our minds. Depending on the depth of tint, it can stop sneaky people from snooping and prevent theft. With tinted windows, you'll feel a little bit safer, knowing that your valuables are tucked away and hidden from people that pass your car.

Shield Harmful UV Rays

The sun has very UV rays that can be both harmful to your car and your personal health. Tinted windows can filter out some of these ultraviolet waves that have been linked to premature skin aging and skin cancer. If you drive every day or are concerned about your complexion, you should consider getting this application done at Autotrends. 

Preserves Upholstery

As mentioned earlier, the sun can do a number on your car, including fading and damaging your interior surfaces. Tinted windows can preserve your interior by blocking out the sun. 

Temperature Control 

Tinted windows can keep your car at a cooler temperature on hot summer days. Additionally, you could save some gas since you won't feel the need to blast your A/C when you step into your car.

Shatter Protection

Lastly, the window tint film also has anti-shattering properties. This additional assurance can lessen the likelihood of your glass shattering in vehicle accidents. Likewise, it can limit injuries from happening.


Depending on your everyday driving needs, you should consider adding a window tint to your vehicle. At Autotrends, we offer an extensive list of auto services, including automotive glass tinting. We invite you to give our professional team a call (336) 554-7276 or visit today.

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