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Tips to Increase Fuel Efficiency

One of the most significant issues for motorists is fuel consumption and cost, so it is worth knowing all the techniques that help save fuel.

Ways Save Fuel Usage and Improve Efficiency

Inflate Your Tires Correctly

Paying attention to your tires by inflating them to correct pressure can save fuel usage. Always remember to check your tire pressure more frequently under-inflated tires burns more fuel and causes the tires to wear prematurely.

Reduce the Weight of Your Vehicle Load

Clean your car trunk and remove the roof track to lighten your car to avoid putting more stress on the car components like the engines and brakes to avoid burning more fuels.

Say no to Idling

Leaving your car engine idle for about an hour will consume approximately half a gallon to about a gallon of fuel and produce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is dangerous. So, always turn off the car engine when not in motion and restart it when you decide to move again for efficient fuel consumption.

Clean Corroded Battery Cables Regularly

Corroded battery cables cause stress on the alternator, making it work harder using more gas. Ensure the battery cables are cleaned at each engine checkup for effective fuel consumption.

Watch Out For Faulty Sensors

Sensors are devices that monitor vehicle performance and create awareness of anything that will reduce the efficiency of your vehicles. Most people tend to put off the damaged and faulty sensors, missing essential data on fuel consumption. For efficient fuel consumption, always replace faulty sensors like the oxygen sensor and increase fuel efficiency!

Change Air Filters

Empty and replace the engine air filters to strengthen the suction power. Always change the dirty air filters to reduce the work done by the engine to draw air to mix with the fuel. Change your air filters at least to the number of times instructed in the vehicle manual and bring improved fuel consumption.

Use Recommendable Motor Oil and Octane Gas for Your Vehicle

Ensure the motor oil and the octane gas you are using is ideal for your car and is recommendable by the vehicle's manufacturer.

The Bottomline

The above tip can help you minimize fuel waste as you drive your car. However, if you need help to enhance efficiency, you can contact our experts or visit us at our auto shop today!

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