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Symptoms of a Failing Water Pump in Your Car

The water pump in vehicles is a delicate part that needs replacement once damaged. It's a very reliable part that, if damaged, there will be an all-out engine failure. The water pump is what keeps a vehicle cool and keeps the cooling system running. But, sometimes, your vehicle's water pump may fail. If it get damaged, it's dangerous to your vehicle. There are various reasons can cause the water pump to fail. Here are common symptoms of a failing water pump.
1. Unhealthy circulation
The water pump moves coolant through the radiator and the engine to dissipate heat build-up. Rapid movements cause the closely connected parts to generate a lot of friction, thus causing heat. The pump is pulley driven with either the accessory drive, serpentine, or timing belt.
A broken belt results in inefficiency. The impeller, usually on the inside part of the system, keeps it circulating. However, the impeller can wear down because of contaminants in the coolant. In addition, cavitation also causes the impeller to erode leading to lose in its ability to pump coolant.
2. Leakage
Leakage in the water pump is also a sign of a failing water pump. You will notice it once the coolant leaks in front of the vehicle. The vehicle leak when not in motion, and it's based on the color of the coolant used.
3. Noise
A loose accessory belt causes a whining noise which increases with acceleration. Proper tightening or a belt replacement is needed to avoid this, as it can be so weary not to hold any longer.
4. Overheating
Once the pump fails, the engine automatically overheats. The engine can cool down by turning on the heater or adding a coolant to the engine once the coolant level drops. Ensure to check for major leaks or seek professional help.
Under proper care, the engine is unlikely to undergo such symptoms. Therefore be steadfast in avoiding overheating, noise, leakage, and unhealthy circulation in your water pump. Bring your vehicle to Autotrends if you need a water pump repair today!

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