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Signs That Your Brake Pads Need to Be Replaced

Brake pads are one of those brake parts that require service many times throughout the course of the vehicle's life. They are necessary for keeping you and others safe on the road, so it's essential to check that they work and replace them when necessary. Here are some key signs that indicate it is time to change your brake pads:

  • Squeaking or squealing noise

If you hear a high-pitched squeaking or squealing sound when you apply pressure to the brakes, it is safe to assume that your brake pads are wearing down. The disruptive sound is caused by a metal shim built into the brake pad, which makes a noise when the pad is on its way out. Do not ignore this sound, as it could be an indication of more serious brake problems.

  • Vibrations

If you feel vibrations or pulsations through the brake pedal or steering wheel when you press on the brakes, it could also mean your brake pads are bad. If not, it could also be an indication of a warped rotor or other brake problems. You should have your brakes checked to be safe than sorry. 

  • Reduced brake responsiveness

Are your brakes not as responsive as they used to be, or does it take longer to stop your car? This reduced responsiveness could also be an indication of low brake pads.

  • Dashboard warning light

Most cars nowadays have a dashboard warning light dedicated to let you know when your need brake service. In most cases, it means your brake pads are bad. If this light comes on, we welcome you to our auto repair shop for a brake inspection.

  • Thin brake pads

Most of the time, you can see the brake pad through the wheel. Brake pads should have at least a quarter-inch of padding on them. If you are not sure how to check this, don't fret - we can do this at Autotrends.

Delaying the replacement of worn brake pads can cause damage to other parts of your braking system, which can result in costly repairs. If you catch any of the warning symptoms mentioned above, please call or visit Autotrends for brake services you can trust. 

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