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Safe Driving Tips for Thanksgiving Travel

At Autotrends, we understand how Thanksgiving is all about spending quality time with loved ones, especially the ones that are far away. Many of us will bring some road travel in the next week, the next couple of weeks as a matter of fact. With many people traveling at once, the road can be hectic and dangerous. Despite the busy holidays, we encourage you to keep safety first in mind and follow these road travel tips this Thanksgiving:

Prep Your Vehicle for the Road

The team at Autotrends wants you to come together with your family and friends, so we want to help you weatherproof and prepare your car for the road while we are driving. If you have maintenance due soon, take your vehicle to our auto repair shop for an oil change, tire inspection and rotation, and more. We can check your other fluids too, including the transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, and more. 

Pack an Emergency Road Kit

No one wants to think about dealing with a breakdown over the holidays. However, accidents can and do happen all the time. It is better to be prepared for the worst than deal with it as a surprise. Please bring a spare tire kit, first aid kit, tools, extra car fluids, a flashlight, and any other emergency-related items that you may need for a long trip.  

Don’t Overpack Either

Speaking of packing, it is just as important that you don’t carry too much with you. An overloaded car will lead to poor fuel efficiency, but it can also obstruct your view. Make sure nothing is covering the rear view window and windshield.

Plan Your Route

Most people use a GPS navigation app, such as Waze, Google Maps, or Apple Maps, for long road trips. It is a great way to find efficient routes, check traffic and road conditions, and find rest stops easily. Some of them even tell you the road’s speed limit and alert you when you go over. Definitely take advantage of these features to improve your safety and time saved.

Focus on Driving

On long car rides, it is easy to wander off into thought, get distracted by music or talking passengers, or even get sleepy. All these things can put you in danger. Please get some good rest the night before traveling. Always follow traffic laws and focus on the road. 

Safety ultimately begins with how prepped your car, SUV, or truck is for the road. Before hitting the road this Thanksgiving, don’t hesitate to stop by Autotrends for a pre-trip inspection. Happy (early) Thanksgiving from our team! 

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