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How To Take Care Of Your Lexus In Each Season

How To Take Care Of Your Lexus In Each Season | Autotrends

Each season brings forth its own set of challenges and opportunities for car care enthusiasts. Let's go on a deeper journey through the annual change of seasons and explore how to tenderly shepherd your Lexus through the transitions of spring, summer, fall, and winter.


As the weather gets warmer and nature begins to come back to life, it's a great time to give your Lexus some extra care. Spring is all about rejuvenation, so why not start with a thorough cleaning for your car? This will make sure all the leftover salt from winter is removed, especially from underneath your car where it can cause damage. Once you've done this, your Lexus will be ready to hit the road and enjoy the beautiful spring weather!

Check the tire pressure and tread depth to ensure a smooth transition into the warmer months. Spring is also the perfect season to pamper your Lexus with a wax and detail treatment, providing a protective shield against the impending summer sun.


As the sun ascends to its peak, the summer season welcomes the warmth. Your Lexus, much like yourself, yearns for cool refuge during the scorching days. Regularly check and replenish the coolant to prevent overheating, a potential nemesis during summer road trips.

Don't forget to inspect the air conditioning system. Keep an eye on tire pressure as hot asphalt can affect it. Shield your Lexus from the sun's intense rays by parking in shaded areas or investing in a quality car cover.


The colors of nature change during autumn, and your Lexus should adjust to these changes smoothly. During this season, it's really important to take good care of your car. You should check the brakes carefully to make sure they are working well and can handle slippery roads during this transitional season.

Inspect and replace, if necessary, windshield wipers to combat the impending rain and falling leaves. As the temperatures drop, monitor the battery health, as colder weather can be strenuous on it. Fall is also an opportune time for an oil change, ensuring your Lexus's heart beats strong through the cooler months.


The winter season demands meticulous care to ensure your Lexus conquers the frozen terrain unscathed. Begin by outfitting your vehicle with winter tires - and yes, they really are that important - providing enhanced traction on snow-covered roads. Regularly check the antifreeze levels to prevent the engine from succumbing to the winter chill.

Wipe away the accumulating snow and ice from your vehicle, paying special attention to the windows, lights, and mirrors. Consider applying a protective coating to the exterior to shield against the corrosive effects of road salt. Wrapped in winter armor, your Lexus is now ready to traverse through the frosty landscapes gracefully.

Take care of your car by visiting us at Autotrends! We will make sure it is ready for whatever the season might be.

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