Engine Diagnostics Basics

Nearly all automobiles on the road today have an advanced computer that keeps in contact with the various sensors and electronic devices built in your car. Whenever the computer detects an error within your vehicle, it will trigger the check engine light that comes on your dashboard. 


This entire complex process is generally known as onboard diagnostics. A professional technician must run a diagnostics test to pinpoint why your check engine light may be on. To start, they will have to plug an OBD scanner into your car's computer to read and interpret the area codes. At Autotrends, we offer diagnostic services and have specialists who have years of experience in diagnostic codes and translations. 


Our team will start off by locating and connecting to your OBD-II port, which many can find in mostly all vehicles today. 


Whenever a diagnostic is run, you'll receive codes that look like these: "P0301" or "B-1402." These strings of letters and numbers are standardized across manufacturers in most cases, except for a handful of manufacturer-specific codes. The first letter indicates which area of the car the problem is coming from. Codes that begin with "P" indicate powertrain problems, whereas codes that start with the letter "B" are related to the body. To ensure your diagnosing your engine problems correctly, you should leave engine diagnostics to professionals.


The average driver may find it difficult to read the error codes. On the other hand, adequately trained technicians understand this coding language as if it were their speaking language. In some situations, trouble codes aren't definitive in diagnosing an issue, which is why you need the help of an expert. 


If you need a diagnostics test or any other auto repairs, please bring your car to Autotrends today.

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