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Eating and Driving: Is It Safe?

When you’re in a hurry, it is easy to stop by a drive-thru line for some food. You pull up, grab your food, and proceed to eat and drive. You may think the quick bite is harmless, but it can actually make your commute more dangerous.


Eating and driving is a dangerous condition that is not talked about enough when it comes to driving distractions. While it may be harmless for the number of times you’ve gotten away with it, it takes one incident to see how bad it can really be. This is because eating and driving take your attention away from driving. 


Did you know that your reaction speed is lowered by 44% when you eat and drive? And drinking and driving slows it down by 22%? According to a survey by ExxonMobil, over 70% of drivers admit to eating behind the wheel on a regular basis. With accidents that occur due to this problem, it is shocking to see how many people still do it. Some cities have banned it, including Huron, South Dakota. You can be fined $100 for eating and drinking beverages when behind the wheel of a moving car.


Not only are eating and driving a safety hazard, but it prevents other dangers too. Take a look at some things that can happen:

  • Spilled hot drinks
  • Food stains on seats
  • Lingering food crumbs
  • Odor in car
  • … & more.

You can significantly improve your safety by waiting to eat or drink when your car is parked. At Autotrends, we are always looking out for your safety. Please give us a call or visit our auto repair shop today for reliable auto services.

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