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All About Your Car's Electrical Components

Your car's electrical system consists of the battery, starter, and alternator. The three parts collectively work to power your vehicle and its electrical components (radio, interior/exterior lights, power seats, etc.). If one of these parts is not working correctly, you're out of luck. Your car won't start or run. Here is some more information regarding the three essential parts of your electrical system:


Battery: The battery powers all your vehicle's electrical components. The battery provides the current required to start the engine and engage the fuel system.


Starter: Though the battery supplies power to the engine, the starter triggers the engine pistons to start working. Currents flow from the battery to the starter to move the crankshaft that starts the piston.


Alternator: The alternator recharges the battery every time your car is on. This piece ensures you get a sufficient power supply to the peripheral components of your vehicle. 


Signs that You Have Auto Electrical Issues

Electrical issues for your car should not be taken lightly. Most vehicles nowadays are much more dependent on their electrical systems than before. If the alternator, battery, or starter begin to fail, drivers often experience a wide range of issues. Upon discovering these signs, you should take your vehicle into an auto shop as soon as possible. The symptoms of a failing electrical system include:

  • The engine not cranking or starting properly
  • You have corroded battery cables
  • Flickering or dimming exterior and interiors lights
  • Frequent fuse trips or blow-outs
  • The smell of burning plastic or electrical components
  • The battery warning light lights up on the dashboard

If you notice any of the signs listed above, you should immediately take your car to Autotrends to prevent further damage. Our team of experts can perform a system check to diagnose your vehicle of any problems. If we find a problem, our team can develop the best plan of action for your vehicle. Your safety is always our #1 priority. Give us a call or visit our shop today.

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