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Preventative Maintenance Service Facts:

Timing Belt- Every 60,000 miles

Timing belt breakage can result in costly major damage to your engine components. Timing belt replacement includes inspection of your water pump, hoses and belts.

Brake Fluid- Every 30,000 miles

Brake fluid becomes contaminated over time, which can cause deterioration of brake system components and excessive wear. Brake fluid replacement is essential for the continued safe operation of your vehicle and extended life of your braking system.

Tire Rotation- Every 6,000 miles

Regular rotation of your vehicles' tires assures more even wear, which extends tire life and improves traction. This service will result in significant savings in tire replacement over the life of your vehicles. (A 30-Point Maintenance Inspection should be performed at 6,000-mile intervals. Note: Many of today's high performance vehicles are equipped with directional tires, which cannot be rotated in the same manner as regular tires.)

Oil Change Service- per schedule

Oil is the "life blood" of your engine. Its ability to lubricate breaks down with mileage, and filters can become clogged. Changing the oil regularly as recommended by the manufacturer will help prevent premature wear of internal engine components. A 15-Point Courtesy Inspection is performed with every oil change to ensure the continued reliability of your vehicle.

Fuel Injection- Every 15,000 miles

Fuel injection and air induction systems are sensitive to contamination. Regular servicing of the injection system will ensure reduced fuel consumption and optimum performance of your engine. In addition, your technician may recommend an Air Induction Service to maintain fuel economy and engine performance.

Seasonal Maintenance

Every Spring Air conditioning systems should be inspected to avoid costly repairs and possible environmental damage caused by leaks. In addition, if so equipped, your vehicle's cabin air filter will be inspected and replaced if necessary.

Engine Performance-Every 30,000 miles

A well-tuned engine ensures peak performance. This service includes a comprehensive ignition system inspection as well as related onboard computer systems.

Brake System- Annually

A properly maintained brake system will improve the safe operation of your vehicle as well as extend the life or your break pads, shoes and calipers. This service includes a complete inspection of all components of your brake system.

Cooling System- Every 30,000 miles

Your cooling system regulates the temperature of your engine and transmission. Overheating can cause major damage to these systems. Regular inspection and maintenance of your cooling system can prevent excessive damage to engine and transmission components.

Transmission Service- Every 30,000 miles

Transmission fluid deteriorates over time and can result in overheating and damage to internal components. Periodic inspection of your transmission and replacement of transmission fluid will ensure continued reliable operation of your transmission and prevent costly repairs.

Wheel Alignment- Annually

Improperly aligned wheels result in increased tread wear, reduced traction and poor handling.

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