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The Hybrid Garage

Hybrids are a tremendous benefit to our environment and your pocket. Their economy is improving with each model year. Most every manufacturer has one or more hybrid models to choose from already in production. If your favorite brand doesn't yet just wait and their hybrid model or models will soon be on the market. Like many new technologies specialized skills and equipment are required to properly maintain such products. Many believe that only a hybrid new car dealer has the training and equipment needed to maintain their prized vehicle. For many this isn't their preferred choice but they have yet to discover many options.

Here's great news! The Hybrid Garage(a member of Autotrends family) has invested heavily in making certain they can care for your Electric or Hybrid vehicle. Unlike many dealers they are able to actually repair individual components rather replace entire assemblies. For the dealer this is mainly how they were instructed to operate as the manufacturers recognized there would be a delay in getting technicians properly trained and equipped for more complex repairs. Thus they would have the dealer technicians remove an entire assembly and then ship this removed defective assembly back to the manufacturer. In the beginning manufacturers needed these defective components to assess where the weak areas may be arising in hybrid design. With time most of the early challenges now have been resolved. Still for the sake of a quick turnaround time and to lessen the risk of a repair not being durable for the long run many dealers continue to operate in this assembly only replacement mode. The Hybrid Garage is able to save hybrid owners considerable amounts by having the experience, equipment, and training to provide a less costly repair through their knowledge of repairing individual components.

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