From our experience most current production hybrid vehicles rarely fall below 30% remaining charge yet during regular driving they seldom exceed a 70% state of charge. The battery and other portions of your electric motor generator drive train assist your gasoline engine with delivering usable power. However as the battery “wears” that loss of power and economy you thought you were imagining is in fact real. Because the battery is at a less complete state of charge it can’t fully assist with the electrical portion and power adding to your driveline.The good news is that with proper techniques and equipment your existing battery can be restored to new levels when such action is needed. Then you get the mileage and power you once had back. Now you can stop worrying about having to buy a new and expensive main battery.

Is your Hybrid losing the economy it had when new? Just like many parts of your vehicle a hybrid’s main battery is a wearable item. Yes it does recharge yet it loses a little charge capacity during each cycle and never achieves it’s highest state of charge under regular driving. You’ve heard how it’s preferred to let a battery run all the way down so that it will take and hold more of a charge when using your everyday handheld electronics right? It’s true and we’ve all seen it firsthand. The challenge is that you can’t run your hybrid vehicle’s battery all the way down because you lack the complex equipment and skills needed to properly cycle it back to a complete 100% charge. Neither does the manufacturer’s programming and engineering allow for such.

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